Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loveable Lambs

I was having one of those weekends wishing I was Laura Ingalls (i.e. Main Character from Little House on the Prairie.) I bought a bonnet at the St. Jacob's market (and some apple fritters - still warm from the deep fryer). The bonnet is comfy and fun to wear - but it does look a bit silly - espeically since I was wearing a Molson Canadian shirt extolling the virtues of patience and hockey - something Leaf fans need a great deal of both). I'm not sure where I'll wear it - but I wish I could wear it for the heck of it.

Then we visited the Philospher folks and they introduced us to their lambs. And I loved them. They were delightful and entertaining and sweeter than pie from the market and they have tails. Wow! I never had any clue that lambs had tails. I think if I ever end up with livestock - for sure I'll have sheep. They are super-cool :D.. okay and I'm a bit of a dork. Which is also why we stopped the car in the town of (I kid you not) Dorking, Ontario to take a picture of the roadsign. :D

Anywho... Sheepishly I should return to the task at hand.
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