Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa

To celebrate my grandad's birthday we all went out for a special supper. It was a lovely evening and everyone left feeling well fed - in fact well all shared a single piece of cake and called it done. I didn't get any really great pictures of my Grandad because he was a bit out of flash range - but here is my supper including a big old chunk of red meat and it was as good as it looks - sigh - I say this as I'm considering becoming more vegetarian - i.e. becoming an opportunistic carnivore where I don't buy or prepare meat, but will eat it when its put in front of me and enjoy it. Well, it won't happen for a while - but I've really cut back on red meat, so I figure that is a good start.
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Blogger Jennith said...

Okay... I have to comment that I think its hilarious that I put up a picture of a big chunk of red meat and then proceed to muse about vegetarianism.... only me. Talk about conflicts between what your saying and what your projecting :P

9:31 AM  

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