Sunday, March 30, 2008

First NHL Hockey Game

Thanks to a kindly gifter of tickets, I got to see my very first hockey game at the ACC. I had a great time - but I came out of the game with two thinks. First - I'm not sure professional hockey is enough to justify their staggering ticket prices. Granted the Leafs had a brutal and devestating loss to the Bruins (so I wasn't seeing them at their best), but I certainly remember the energy at some of the Varsity Reds games in Fredericton where there was more excitement and energy in the stands. I mean they had to have celebrities prompt the crowd to "Get Loud" and we had to confiscate air horns (dangerous to other members in the crowd) and keep the kids from pounding on the glass. Maybe its just the city or the crowd - the type of people who can afford tickets probably don't have any energy left to cheer.

Still - a great experience which has certainly seen me reading more sports columns the last few days. I guess I'll be cheering the Senator's for the 3rd straight year through the playoffs.
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