Thursday, May 22, 2008

Turning over a new leaf - Raspberry Ice Heuchara

In the last few months my life has sort of taken a paradigm shift and I've (to overuse a cliche) turned over a new leaf. The Heuchara leaf (aka fancy coral bells - a fun and exciting perennial plant now located as the centerpiece of my woodland garden) above is doing well in its new home. I got a good chunk of my remaining perennials planted last night and I hope to finish the rest of what I have already purchased in the next day or 2. I'm also hoping that everything will get a move on it when the weather turns sunny and seasonally warm over the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted. The new grass is starting to look like lawn and everything planted is coming together nicely. I expect the columbine to flower in the next few days and I'm starting to see germination in the wildflower garden. I do have a few plants that tipped over in the wind and therefore got a bit dried out in spite of the rain last week. I've planted most of them and they seem to be perking up a bit. I'm more than half done the edge of the back and probably 3/4 done the centre of the back. I do have one more bed to dig in the back, but I'm going to wait and let the new grass get settled a bit before trampling it. I also have 2 more beds to dig on the side, but I'm waiting until I get the ladder out and clean the gutters so that all of my work doesn't get pummelled the next time it rains.

Tonight is the 2nd anniversary of Andrew Desmond's fatal motorcycle accident and a bunch of us are going out for a candle light vigil and dessert. Its strange the impact that Andrew has left on us. I'm really glad that Geoff organized the memorial. It'll be good to have some folks to share Andrew stories with.

Anywho - back to thesissing like a madwomen - :D Look for more pictures soon. I'm also contemplating getting a new camera of the DSLR type (yes, honest I've been taking all of my pictures with a nice point and shoot.) Any advice would be appreciated. I'm going to take a few months to research and stuff - so no hurry.


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