Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peony Potential

So, quick morning update:

1. The digging in the garden is likely mostly due to robins hunting for worms. It has become a little better, but it is still annoying.
2. The slightest pinkish tint is showing in the very slowly unfurling echinecaea - so I think it is the magnus rather than the alba.
3. I need to get 2 peony rings for the plant pictured above and its cousin - because they are flopping over.
4. We've had lots of rain - which is good because I haven't needed to water in over a week - however, I'm starting to worry that I'm going to lose some plants to rot and there is little I can do to dry things out, save hoping it doesn't rain today - although at last check there was a 60% of showers this afternoon and this evening.
5. The daisies are getting very close - but they are still in the mostly closed state - look for pictures in the next week though.
6. The yellow asian lilies are still flowering - so they deserve marks for the longest lasting flowers of that bunch. I have 2 cream and sugar lilies that grew from bulbs planted this spring that have flowers formed but not yet opened and 3 asian lilies I planted last year in the central perenial bed that have grown back and then some - several of them have flower buds formed, nothing open, but they are ahead of the cream and sugar ones.
7. One of the thyme have started to flower and the pink rock rose is thinking about it.
8. The lawn still has a few bare patches, but its a million times better than last year, the garden actually looks nice except that there is still some tidy up to do and some trees to trim up.
9. The dianthus that survived from last year is flowering and enjoying the cool damp weather
10. I thinkthat my foxglove did actually reseed and there are some plants in last years pots and a few nearby. No sign of flowers yet, but I'm crossing my fingers. I also planted a dwarf foxglove in the back of the woodland garden and it does have flower buds.
11. One more of last year's geraniums (pelergoniums) has started to flower - its seems the light pink with dark pink marking ones have recovered from overwintering fastest (although one of them had the advantage of the best window in the house). 2 or 3 more plants have flower buds, so I'm waiting to see which colours survived so I can replace my favourites. I'm not sure that any will survive this winter without me to rescue them, but maybe a kindly soul will take one or two in. They are pretty low maintenance - give them a bit of light and water them when they start looking sad.
12. I reallyl need to get a photo of the roses - they've outdone themselves this year after there was not a single rose last year. They look very nice against the brick. I've improvised some support (since the trellises are probably about 15 years old and not in good shape) - Definately a nice touch of beauty.
13. I won't probably be getting much work done on the garden in the near future beyond watering and deadheading, but hopefully I'll have some new pictures soon as everything fills in.


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