Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day Thoughts

I inadvertantly dressed in red and white this morning. I wore my red rad pants - more to combat mosquitos on the hike than because I thought about it and a white t-shirt - again to discourage mosquitos rather than as an act of patriotism. Turns out - I could have worn shorts, the bugs really weren't that bad, but I wasn't overheated either.

I can't believe it is already July - I don't remember June happening - it just seemed to fly by. So here it is - only a month and a bit before I leave - my food is done - save buying a few thing to bring with me, my stuff is 97% ready for the movers this week which leaves me with 3 things to do - finish my thesis, pack for the plant and then tidy my room so it can used by everyone else next year. Thats a lot of ground to cover - which makes today's hike a bit of a treat and my mom is making me go see a movie with the family and watch fireworks... which means that I off to tackle the first because until it is squared away I really can't do anything fun and its summer and I really wouldn't mind getting at least a few nights of camping in and maybe a trip up to Ottawa/Kingston to see all the folk there.

So... today may be mostly holiday, but I'm hoping if I really crack the whip for the next week or so, I might have some time before the end to squeeze a bit of holiday in before I head up north. So... cross your fingers for me.

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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

good luck!! you can do it!!

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