Saturday, July 05, 2008

Forestry Practice

I went to battle with the closing canopy in our back yard, hopefully buying our cherry tree a few more years now that it is only shaded on 2 sides rather than 3. I cut down the tree growing through the fence that the city told me to get rid of. It was this particular tree that was shading the cherry tree from the side and the top. Hopefully, the tree will look a bit healthier now that it should get a lot more light. Its made a small gap in the canopy in that spot, but there are 3 small maples on the other side of the fence that will fill it in shortly, and then the cherry tree will be in trouble again. I also trimmed a few small limbs off the lower part of a few of the silver maples, which should give the center perenial bed a touch more light in the morning. I put up some hangers on the maple that had been growing through the fence and hung a geranium basket from it. Its actually worked out not badly. I'm a touch worried that I was outside too long and may have managed to get a nasty sunburn. So far I'm okay, but I was out for quite a few hours. Granted that our backyard is still fairly shady, but I was in the sunny part a fair bit. I'd better get back out - with my big floppy hat and sundscreen and get the flowers watered. I skipped out on the gym, but I think 5 hours of cutting, sawing, climbing, hauling, baling, sweeping and pruning should make up for it - especially if I do a couple of squats and sit ups. I'll come back in a bit with a few more pictures of everything all tidied up.
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