Monday, July 07, 2008


Gemini (May 21 — June 21)
Do not be bullied by someone's controlling ways. Psychologically, emotionally and even materially, you stand to benefit if you follow your heart's path. A tricky time of your life is nearing completion. Deep satisfaction approaches.

The Toronto Star

Here's hoping thats true.

Today I woke up dreaming that some horrid virus had struck leaving us cut off in the north and sort of how that played out. I woke up overly warm and quickly moved to close my window - realizing too late that I'd put my glasses in the path of the window, rather than on the ledge - so all in all a sketchy start to the day. However, the gentleman at Walmart fixed my glasses and I was able to pick up contacts. I found an inexpensive and perfect watering head for our hose - so long as it stands up to use, then I'll be gald not to have forked out for the more expensive one - as I like the features on this one better.

My attempt to reduce my earwig population by enticing them to drink themselves to death has not resulted in any changes in the earwig population. It has taken out a very small number of slugs. If anyone has some really gross beer they wish to donate to my garden, I think I'll try again.

The mystery flowers seem to have lilac coloured centres - meaning that they aren't dwarf brown eyed susan's as I'd expected (I did plant some of those last year.). I'm still waiting to see what they are.

In bloom today: Catamint, Echinacea (white and purple), pansies, daisies, mimulus, columbine, hosta, showy evening primrose, yellow daylily, orange daylily, fern leaved bleeding heart, jacob's ladder, bricknell's geranium (purple, blue, and white), heuchara (raspberry ice and purple), tomato, snapdragons, begonias (fiberous), Geraniums, yarrow, daisy fleabane, mullein, thyme, lupine, lamina, roses, asian lily, guara, lithodora, rock rose, lipstick strawberries, bunchberry, astilbe, ajuga, osteoperinum, salvia, new ginea impatiens, and I'm sure a few more that I can't think of off the top of my head.... I almost am tempted to go work on the porch outside - it might be good for my brain.
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