Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pummelled with Rain Again

This graph was borrowed from Environment Canada's Real Time Hydrometric Data Website to show you that we got enough rain to raise the water surface of a nearby stream by 0.8 m over 3 days. Today we had two more serious rain events. The website is lots of fun. There are a tonne of streams across the country with data and its actually quite useful in a flood situation. I recall a prof nervously keeping an eye on it the last time that I was in Fredericton around flood season, owing to a low lying cottage downriver.

Yesterday, only a trace amount of rain was recorded at the airport, but here there was a good bit more - in fact after quickly checking all the local meteorological stations I was actually quite surprised by the variation in recorded amounts of rain. The day we go 50 mm - some nearby stations got about 25 while one recorded a total of 69 mm. Weather is cool - what can I say and definately no need to water for a few days.... its pretty soggy here. I picked the stream above because I knew it would be dramatic - this particular stream has a tendancy to flood - although - aside from some agriculture and roads - the stream is fairly unscathed. Nearby 16 Mile Creek on the other hand is highly chanalized through Milton (i.e. - flowing through a not-so-natural- concrete structure) - and doesn't appear to have a station.

Anywho... for those of you up north... there a good chance of northern lights tomorrow night and maybe even tonight - so look up if the clouds will let you.
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