Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer is Birthday Season

Where is the fire extinguisher?? Here is one of my sibloids birthday cakes with a small inferno going - although he's doing better than the rest of us.... There is one birthday we are still waiting for... and for all I know he's on his way into this world and I promise - pictures to follow here and more likely on the proud father's blog. I took Alex to a local watering hole to play pool. I feel a bit bad in retrospect given that this is his first post birthday bar trip that he had only a single beer and I had.... a diet coke (it was a good diet coke though and I'm sure my car appreciated not being operated by a drunk or left in overnight in that neighbourhood!) However, after not being excessive in drinking we did do something evil - we ate McDonald's at 2 am. But.. we did split 1 order of fries... so slightly less evil. Caloriewise I think it is 3 beer:1 order of fries - maybe even 4....
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