Friday, August 08, 2008

Today is the.....

Well, today was filled with odd beautiful and entertaining moments. I'm currently sucking on one last zinc lozenge before heading to sleep - by the end of tomorrow I should have everything short of getting on a plane done for heading up north - I even managed to buy some glide wax (my favourite ski and bike store has some squirrelled away in the back, although it did take a while for him to find it... great people). So, no worries about me sticking to the snow... He asked me what temperatures I needed it for... and I said... "ummmm... cold" then explained where I was going and why I needed it in August. So, while winter boots are hard to buy in August - glide wax... no problem.

I took the back roads back from Guelph and enjoyed some wicked-crazy clouds. I stopped for an awesome butter tart and a throat soothing diet coke at a place I've passed a zillion times and never stopped at... its a good thing that I didn't discover their butter tarts before now.... they were delicious. I cleaned out my office at school... my key ring feels oddly light with one less key - most of what was there was junk..... pencils, journal articles, random pamphlets from the student center and old assignments - but I did find 2 fleece blankets, a bright yellow frisbee and my good rain pants (which I've been desperately searching for since the winter..... and while I have an old pair that works okay... they are too long in the legs, so I constantly trip over them and they are made of something that I'm sure makes annoying noises at -30 C.)

Well, I"m out of lozenge so its time to try some of this sleep stuff and see if I can get away without actually getting sick.

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