Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Darkskies Descend

Judging by the sky and the radar we are in for a doozy of a thunder storm - so far its just dark and there is a steady rain, a bit of distant sounding thunder - but the yellow and red dots on the radar are still headed in this direction.

I absolutely love thunder storms. When I used to work at camp, we were just west of the highlands - meaning that when it poured... it did it properly... Even Fredericton knew how to put on a decent thunder storm - and owing to the way the roads downtown were graded - so of the best puddle jumping that I've ever seen. Living in the burbs... all the storm water is quickly marshalled into a highly designed storm water management system.. so the puddles are pretty small. I suppose this speaks well for who ever designed the subdivision (Fredericton is older than suburban design and does have a huge, steep hill playing against the storm water planners) - but really... some days you just want to put on your sandals and go jump in a puddle.

Its weird.... the other day as I was leaving the gym in a rainstorm - I only had my good indoor shoes - which I didn't want to get wet - so having lived so many years in other places I shrugged my shoulders and walked to my car barefoot where I put my sandals back on... What actually surprised me is that it was the first time all summer I've been barefoot outdoors. I haven't even been to the beach. I got a few odd looks - but mostly I think they were wistful looks - wishing that they weren't mom's and dads and that they could do something as crazy and as practical as removing ones good shoes to walk barefoot in the rain....

Perhaps... I should take a break from the list and for old times sake go play in the rain.... even if the puddles are only little...


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