Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vanilla Sky

"Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around" Sophia in Vanilla Sky

Here was the sunrise as seen from my window at some hour of the morning when aside from the cool sunrise - I wish I'd been asleep, but for some reason I woke up early enough to see the sunrise which was cool enough to warrent dragging myself from bed to find my camera and snapping a few - somewhat groggy photos before curling back up and trying to eke a bit more sleep out until normal people see fit to get up.

Every sunrise is another step from the past into the future - not nice even steps like those demanded by the building code - but the quirky kind of steps that you find on forest trails that are sometimes wide and deep and other times an awful lot more like a ladder than a staircase - and Heaven help you if you are trying to portage a canoe up one of those! In 8 more sunrises I'm going to take one of those giant steps into my future and I'm not sure what quite it is all going to look like, but its going to be a new postal code, a new set of people, a new job.... and I feel like I should be launching a new version release "Jennith V11.0", compatible with cold temperatures, slow postal service and rubrics. I guess we'll see how many bugs I find in the new version - hopefully less than Vista.

My room is clean, my final packing is nearly done, although I have a short list of little odds and ends (not to mention the still elusive winter boots) to get, but by and large - the practical steps are done and its all a matter of taking a deep breath, walking to the end of the diving board and taking the plunge or in one of my favourite sayings: "When you reach the edge of all you know, hope demands that you believe one of two things - either there will be ground to stand on or that you will grow wings to fly." (its a reasonable paraphrase - I believe I know it from a Madeline D'Engle's books) Cleaning of the moving variety always results in finding weird and forgotten bits of your past. I found some ID badges from Lakehead , my disection kit from Biology, some news paper clippings I'm at a loss as to why I kept them and various rocks and nicknacks and for the most part I packed them away to be refound at some later date - at which point I can scratch my head at why I kept them and then repeat the process.

I think sleep deprivation is making me overly introspective and not very coherant in my expression - so I'm going to throw up a few pictures from the garden and get back to that to do list and check the spaceweather to see if any sunspots have popped up in the last 2 days.


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