Thursday, September 18, 2008

The little tug that couldn't budge the barge

We have a stranded and beached barge at the west end of the lake. Apparently it got frozen in the bay last year and has been stuck here ever since. Sometime this fall it escaped its mooring in a storm and was washed down to the westend of the bay where it has stuck fast in the sand.. The other day while we were doing the Terry Fox run, two tug boats tried to budge it, so it could be towed out before it was once again frozen into the lake, but it looks like it might be permenant.

Speaking of boats, the rumour is that our last major barge is due in any day now. So, waiting is near done and then what will I do to keep myself in suspense... I guess I'll have to see.
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Blogger Unknown said...

Maybe you could just trade up for what ever is on the beached barge, maybe get last years teachers stuff?

8:47 AM  

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