Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sundown Spectacular

The sun is quickly dipping behind the hills earlier and earlier these days.

Not much exciting news here - I'm looking forward to a weekend of marking books and stuff - but the weather is supposed to be nice, so I'm planning to squeeze at least one hike into it. And maybe a night hike on Saturday when then Northern lights are supposed to be active again.

I have voted. I have no idea if my ballot will count or not. If it'll make it to the place I've mailed it before the deadline given the vageries of northern mail. Actually.. I'm a little worried I messed up my ballot because I was worried that I didn't know the correct spelling of my candidate's name, so I wrote the riding name on it in addition to the name of my candidate - and they only gave me one ballot. Then I finished reading the instructions that only the one name should be on there and I figured that scratching off something was more likely to spoil it than the alternative of leaving the riding name written... I guess I'll never know...

So aside from the mysteries of democracy... there isn't much to write. I had stuffed squash and crescent rolls for supper. It was some good.
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