Friday, January 09, 2009

Shingled Iglu

Here is one of the more unusual landmarks in Baker Lake. A geodesic dome painted to look like an iglu. I believe it is used as a church or a meeting place for a youth group, however, I've never seen any sign of people entering it or leaving it. Nor have I ever seen any lights on or anything. So, I'm not sure how often it is actually used.

I once worked at a camp, Twin Valley's, that had originally been a 1970's drug rehab centre for well-to-do kids. Many of the buildings were geodesic domes including the room we used as a gym/theatre. My best friend and I taught kids to juggle there and when the balls dropped there was a loud echoing thud. The kids didn't mind - gosh knows I was dropping the balls as often as they were having only learned the weekend before..... its still something I find a good exercise for focusing.
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Blogger Dave Palmer said...

I believe the dome was built by Shelter Construction Ltd in 1972. The Domes at Twin Valleys were designed by this same firm. I have one of their domes as a getaway residence.

Dave Palmer

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