Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunrise, so early in the morn

Although we've never experienced 24 hours of darkness as many of the communities north of us do - we did get down to about 4-5 hours of daylight; meaning that the sun rose about the beginning of second period and set at the beginning of 6th period. Now the sun is up by the beginning of the day and sets just after the final bell. This will hopefully increase the chances for me to take pictures.

The weekend was a busy one. We had a small bridal shower for one of my coworkers. I think the best part was playing games. Its been a long time since I've been to a party with "party-games". However, the food was a close second. B made some of her amazing muffins and there were dips and veggies and several too yummy desserts. I tried my hand at deviled eggs... For my first attempt they worked out not bad, although - really... for the record, honey mustard is more than half mustard - so my substitute left my deviled eggs a touch on the sweet side despite my efforts to temper the sweetness with lemon juice, more mustard, pepper and garlic.

Today, a small army of volunteers tackled a storage area in need of love and organization with most impressive results. Many heartfelt thanks to all of you - should you happen to read this blog. Finally, I've got my second sock started - I'm having trouble keeping the striping the same and I've had a few folks jokingly suggest that they might steal them - I guess thats a pretty high compliment. I'm hoping that my knitting will eventually lead to more people learning to knit, although so far I haven't actually taught anyone how. I'm going to - at some point in the future - start a knitting club for after-school. I'm slowly working on building up the necessary supplies. As for the sock, I hope to spend a bit of time each day on on it... leading to completion sometime next weekend and I'm going to try to come up with a way to keep track of my stripes - unknitting is painful.
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