Sunday, April 26, 2009


Its clear that I've forgotten that I own a blog for the last several weeks. Its clear that I'm hurting for new photos (thus the picture of a decomissioned power plant) and content (thus the filler made up of my poetry from Gr. 9). I will try to do better - although, no garentees.

The days have started to fly by - not for lack of hours of daylight, but there is a lot of stuff on the go for sure. So... I do have stuff I need to finish up this evening - so here is a few quick updates.

Weather Predictions - the first predicted temperature above zero for BL is set for this coming Wednesday - which probably means the actual temperature is going to be -30 with winds of 50-70 kmh - but still.. there is some reason to hope.

Powerless - I really really meant to write a post about our mandatory rotating "earth hours" this week past, but whatever witty thoughts I had to share and insights are long buried under all the day to day things that go through my brain and I don't have the enthusiasm I need about the topic to do it justice. I'll just say that it was a good experience and I learned that I'm more addicted to checking my email than I thought, but perfectly content to use the lack of power as an excuse to live off cold cereal and rice-cakes with cream cheese. I did miss my radio though (when I use the word radio... please interpret it as itunes). But I did try to make up for the lack of music by pulling out ye olde guitar - only to discover that I'm badly in need of extensive practice before I play in front of anyone.

Music I'm Anticipating - Both Dala and NLX have new albums coming out in the next few months and I'm looking forward to both albums and maybe even seeing one or both of them perform. The new DM album has provided some good workout tunes too!

Cooking - I've been busy cooking away - I made apple crisp, chicken vegetable soup, salad, my mom's chicken and peaches recipe and tomorrow night I think I'm going to try and tackle spaghetti sauce as I'm down to the last 2 servings of stew.

And thats is all for now folks....

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