Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simple Beauties

I have had the honour of photographing one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. The bride could have held her own in any royal ballroom, although as amazing as her dress was, I suspect it was her glowing smile, lighting up her face every time she looked at her husband and kids that really stole the show. I've totally lost track of time while filtering through the the shots.

I also finally got a chance to go out on the land for the first time since the science camp in the fall. The tundra amazes me - every rock crevice was a different microhabitat and you could easily pick out the sheltered sites from the exposed sites. The fern were just being to unfurl and they caught my eye... They were not even waiting for the ice to melt...

and I had much more to write earlier this evening.. but I fear my yawns are catching up with me and I'm not really read to move tomorrow.. so I'm going to grab a bit of sleep so I can get my kitchen squared away before dismantling my ikea nightmare of a loft bed.... I fear I feel just a bit like the mother mouse in the rats of Nimh as the shrew is calling - "the plow is coming, its moving day" Besides I'm hoping not to catch swine flu which is spreading like wildfire in Nunavut....
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