Friday, July 31, 2009

Mountains Rock!

I could feel the stress seeping from my soul as I drove west from Calgary. Truely there is little that can top driving a Toyota on uncrowded TLDH (two-lane divided highway) facing topography that would impress the Ontarian in me, never mind that I spent my last year in one of the more rugged parts of the Kivalliq (which was still pretty level even relative to the Escarpmenty part of the GTA where I grew up.)

So far, I've been lucky to manage to meet up with serveral friends I haven't seen in years and I even get to meet my 1.5 year old Nephew for the first time today and see my brother, his wife and his older son. I'm hoping to get rolling on some serious picture taking over the next few days. My homework for the summer is to email some good pictures of my summer to my boss.

Its really beautful and peaceful out here and I'm really thankful for Air Canada junk mail - as I don't think I would have considered coming out here if the airfare wasn't such an amazing deal. My return to the north and my awesome job are fast approaching and so I'm savouring my last trips to real produce sections and last bits of driving.
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