Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cranberries in a Crevice

I ran away briefly to the tundra beyond the end of "progress" with a fellow biologist. In fact we were quite close to the "centre of the universe" (aka - the geographical center of Canada). At first the light was that wicked mix of sun and cloud with dramatic skies type, giving way to the more general - blue skies with neat clouds type. We did a bit of berry tasting... I'm still not a big fan of crowberry, but I do enjoy blueberries and cranberries.

The temperature was only 7 degrees and the wind was cold. I actually hauled out long johns, toque and mitts and was glad to have them. With temperatures dipping into the 0 to -1 range - it'll be a short time before the tundra turns from shades of yellow and green to a bright and fiery red and then brown and finally the brief blast of vegetation will be buried under a blanket of snow until June.

Winter is coming and coming soon - even if people are still cranking the AC in other parts of the country.
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