Monday, August 10, 2009

They have Tuktu here too!

Today marks my last day in the mountains.... assuming that the storms in the centre of the universe don't leave me "stranded". I'm sad to leave, but I'm looking forward to going north and taking lots of pictures of fireweed and the tundra in the fall and keeping this blog fed on a variety of photos - look for lots more from the mountains.

The next 72 hours are going to be insane, but I think I'm mostly packed, so aside from a last run to the evil walmart for Dill Pickle popcorn seasoning and another package of sport socks and probably some other thing that I remember that I need up north and have forgotten....

The mountains have been wonderful. There has been an ample supply of wonderful viewscapes, black coffee, bannock, wildlife sitings and trails to hike. Its very nice to have a good friend in the mountains - especially one that actually likes playing outside. This galloping tuktu was munching lichen in the Cavell Meadows and litterly ran past us with only a few meters to spare. I think it might just have been the most gloriously healthy lookig Caribou I've ever seen.

Over and out for now..... I have many miles to cover in the next 3 days, but then I should be back for my regularly unscheduled posts :D.


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