Monday, January 25, 2010

Hockey For Haiti

haiti1, originally uploaded by jennith peart.

We may be small, and we may live in the frigid middle of the tundra - but that doesn't mean that our hearts are small or cold. The student council with the help of several enthusiastic staff members, community members, local businesses, the Anglican Church Youth Group and the community in general worked together to put on a number of fund raisers to support the people in Haiti.

The grande finale - depicted here - was a staff vs. student council "boot hockey" game where the student's pretty much crushed us. However, we raised a good bit of money and had a good bit of entertainment.

I'm testing using Flickr as a source for blogging - since I seemed to have gotten sucked into upgrading my account. I guess I'll find out if it was worth it. I do actually use Flickr a lot for my Ravelry stuff, so all in all, it does solve a few problems there - I suspect that I'll continue to use Picasa as my main blogging platform, since this online bit is a pain even with the new and improved Qiniq speeds. They are noticeably better, but why make your life complicated.


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