Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Downtown Baker Lake on a Sunny Day

The weather remains amazing as I sit in my apartment and um... sadly work. Tomorrow or Friday maybe I'll make myself take a real walk.

Not a whole lot to report. There are a few dishes in the kitchen and stuff to mark. I'm actually kind of in to the NHL playoff's this year and I'm even quietly cheering on a few American teams... I'm feeling oddly detached from the Canadian entries. Normally I back the Senators until they are gone, and then switch to whatever Canadian team is the mix. (Obviously I'd be cheering for the Leafs if that was an option - but I'll have to wait another year I think for that in the playoffs.)

Of course, I don't have a TV or cable - so I'm not really watching a lot of Hockey, but I have some marking to do, which usually means I watch a bit of playoff hockey while ploughing through stuff. I think actually I have everything I can mark up to date - although a wave of due dates are hitting this weekend - there is always more. I fear I'll run out of Canadian Hockey teams to cheer for in the Playoffs before I run out of marking.... and on that note... better go make some more work for myself to mark. :P
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