Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Labrador Tea in Bloom

I took this picture at Grassi Lakes, just above the falls. It is another of my all time favourite forest plants - Labrador Tea. I like it because the undersides of the leaves have fuzzy redish brown fur and also because they manage to florish in bogs (an impressive acomplishments for a plant). There is another species of this plant that grows near Baker Lake (and on the tundra in general), but it is much smaller. What I don't usually get to see when I spend the summer in Ontario, is this plant in flower, in fact I don't think I've seen it flower since I was tree planting back when I was young and foolish and covered in black fly bites. The way the altitude affect seasons means that there have been a lot of plants that I don't usually see in flower, blooming away, even though it is July rather than May. Its kind of neat and it definitely has given me some reasons to get my camera out more.
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