Monday, July 05, 2010

TransCanada Mission Run

Harmony Beach – Roadtrip twitter feed

I’m not sure what it says about our society that I’ve been thinking in tweets (or at least Facebook status updates all day. I’m about 700 km in and its been mostly beautiful.

At about 240 km, I stopped for gas and seriously considered an antennectomy for my car – until I realized that the source of the incredibly horrible hum was not in the proximity of my antenna… The current suspect is my new and not so improved wiper blade with its initially impressive locking mechanism – what I think is the likely culprit.

At 550 km, I found myself once again in Mississauga – although perhaps not the one that I know so well.

At 600 km, I declared “Julliet” my new favourite song, started my second coffee and Thesselled- on (much better than the ever notorious Thesselling-off incident.

The Esso near the far side of The Soo marked my halfway point, assuming I make it all the way, but my choice of a all service gas station prevented stretching which is why I’m rapidly trying to type all my thoughts for the day (not so much luck) while enjoy an incredible view of Lake Superious or a sunny day. The water the colour of emeralds and the hills and even gemmier green. There should be a picture of a beach pea flower and hopefully one of the view (colours not enhanced by my green tinted sunglasses.

I’ve got a long ways to go… so I’d better pack this sucker back up and keep driving. Wishing I’d had the sense to google where I hope to stay tonight and print off a map… I think I have suffiecent mappage in my car though… and a number if a real problem arises…

So offward,

The ugliest parts of the drive are done for today.. the rest is a treat as long as my body can handle sitting in this seat.

I made it! I’m unreasonably proud of my accomplishments. I didn’t even need to drink a tonne of coffee. I twitched a bit and I’m definitely sick of my car. I think the hardest part was being disciplined about stops. Normally I do the trek in 2 days, so I can stop and do a little hike here or check out this pull off or that. Today… all stops were for the purposes of filling tanks, stomachs, coffee mugs – getting rid of wastes – (aka using the facilities – let me say, as beautiful as everything was today – the most beautiful sight was the bathroom at the Halfway Motel… I even put some money in the bathroom donation jar, since the remaining 30-40 km to White River were going to be uncomfortable at best or end in a mad dash to find the toilet paper tucked in some bag in the truck, and then another into the woods .

M. says to write “apparently I speak cat “– or my meowing attracted the attentions of a vocal gray tabby hoping that I’d feed him a third time.

Hmmm… all my thoughts have mostly leaked out of my head. Mostly, I’ve just been driving. I remembered at some point after Harmony beach that I was long overdue to switch the CD. At 1000 km, I noted where I was, but I can’t remember now. It might have been White River.. I think it was Crocker Lake – which is the east end of a 17 km long section of forest that burned along the Trans Canada.


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