Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lapland Rosebay

According to my source, this plant normally blooms in June/July and here I found it flowering in late September on a rocky windswept hill in Rankin. I wonder if its like the area near the snow fence where the snow drifts melt later and so the flowers are behind. I have to give my co-explorer credit for her sharp eyes in finding this gem.

As for my non-photography activities, mostly I'm organizing, reorganizing and I'm toying with the idea of making soup to use up some stuff in my fridge. I could definitely use a few more hours in the day - the "to-do" list seems longer than usual. The reorganizing refers to my bookshelf - I'd been planning to move it to give more room for my table, but after taking off all the books and moving the bookshelf, I immediately decided that I liked it much better the way it was, and the other location (my bedroom) I'd been considering moving it, currently is occupied by part of my barge order and a bookshelf that I hadn't already taken all the books off. I decided I liked having a bookshelf in here and put it back, but I did use the taking the books off the shelf part to help organize them by subject and then put them back in a much more logical manner and some of the cluttery stuff did get swapped onto the shelf in my room. I'm not sure it was the best use of my time, but you sometimes need to just do these things sometimes.

The weather is entirely uninviting - cold, wet, cloudy and drizzly - not exactly an invitation or temptation for anyone wanting to go out. I wanted to collect up some northern cranberries and freeze them, but I don't think it'll happen today. I'll wait for sunshine or at least until later in the week. Hopefully, I don't miss out because of snow. Its already getting to the time where it is normal for the temperature to dip daily below 0 C. We are still waiting for an important barge - fortunately I ran out of time to do my own shopping, and so I did my barge order with the Northern, and my cans are safe and sound inside, but some of the schools stuff isn't here yet. So, hopefully the weather doesn't snap too cold in the next few days. Its a good week for the weather to do the "global warming" thing - at least until everyone's cans are inside.
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