Sunday, September 19, 2010

Neat Take-Off in Winnipeg

I discovered these pictures looking for a picture of a Saab 340 B+ for an assignment. This was taken in June 2009 at some dismal hour of the morning after I'd spent the night in the airport reading. It worked out, I started reading in the evening when I landed, and finished my book just in time to pick up my luggage and proceed to the desk to go through security. I don't think I posted these, certainly I don't recall seeing them. It was foggy and I was in a fey mood likely caused by being awake over 24 hours in a row and at that point just thrilled to my toes that I'd experienced that once daily phenomena of darkness/night after my first month of not quite midnight sun. I found that it didn't effect me as badly last year, but my first year... I was craving darkness like it was chocolate or coffee.
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Ok, now THOSE are cool.. :)

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