Friday, September 17, 2010

Shadows on the Mountain

Its been nearly 5 years, and now 50,000 hits on my blog (well, technically a bit more since I didn't start out with a counter and the counter I'm using is actually the second counter I added, but it has long been my official one.) Sometimes I think I should get rid of my blog because anything you say on the internet can come back to haunt you in the long run. I try hard to keep any content or opinions that could cost me employment in the future off my blog, but maybe that cowardly position itself will cost me. Still for me, really its about sharing my pictures, mostly geared towards family and friends, but I enjoy the idea that strangers wander accross my blog occasionally and even like it enough to leave comments. I also like the part where I've become part of the Nunavut blogging community and truthfully, the only person in Baker Lake that reguarly reads my blog is... well me... so, I don't even need to worry about my students catching me on spelling and grammar errors.

Occasionally, I look back to old posts, and I'm surprised, how consistant in nature this blog has stayed - this is impressive for a girl who couldn't manage to keep a daily diary... and here I am journalling voluntarily and then letting anyone in the world who wants to read my journal, have at it. Go figure. I think it says something about motivation and different learning styles and there is definitely a teaching lesson in here.... I'll just have to puzzle out how to make it work for my students and on that note, I probably should finish up the last of my tests before falling asleep. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of getting everything caught up and squared away.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm a stranger who just wandered by 2 days ago and like it enough that I added it to my Opera sessions.

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