Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farewell Fall - welcome winter

Its still warmer than the 30 year norm, but its staying consistantly below 0 C. The lake is still unfrozen, but puddles and the ground are definitely frosted solid. The snow geese have fled the north just ahead of the snow, and while the accumulation of snow is only a dusting, it is sufficient to give the land a wintery feel.

Breakfast was a vegetably mess of scrambled eggs and luke warm coffee which is better than it sounds - honest.

I'd best get a move on it - now that my printer is done printing stuff. I'm really happy with it, especially the part where it is reliable and doesn't need me to baby sit to make sure it doesn't try and run 25 sheets of paper through at once. I also enjoy the fact that it doesn't smear ink or take 20 minutes to print a page. I miss the colour, but colour isn't that useful when your printer has a tendency to leave random smear lines and I'm definitely glad it isn't an HP. My previous experience with my first inkjet printer (also the first I personally bought) left me incredibly frustrated. I'm not sure its fair to hold a brand grudge from over 10 years ago, but I guess companies should realize that abyssmal service can leave a lasting impression.



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