Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fields of Cotton Grass

Forget socks ---- tonight is a tea night. Just put the kettle on. I guess I could crack and turn the heat on - but its 9 C outside, however the humidity is 94 % and I guess its really the damp cool Toronto-esque winter feel that is getting to me or the lack (still) of socks. I was once told at camp that the secret to being warm was having warm dry feet, and if you could achieve that the rest of you would normally be okay. I can't think of any special biology reason why warm feet are so important to a general feeling of warmth, but whoever told me this, and lent a shivering 20-something version of myself warm, dry, fleece socks and dry boots, was a saviour.

I've been slowly, a few rows a day, been working on a new pair of socks. They will of course be conducive to warm dry feet - after that I think I'm going to tackle a blanket project. I have a fair collection of cascade yarn (soft and not too itchy, but not durable enough for socks) that I think would do well as a blanket. I haven't decided if I'll stick to something plain, try out entrelac or do something with a bit of lace or cable. I figure it needs to be simple enough to be picked up and put down for months at a time to have a chance of ever getting finished...

and I ramble...
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