Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Miss About Summer

This is my bike. This bike has been on trips greater than 30 km in a dy and to the pool and just in general when I wanted to get around. Its shiny and its blue and the breaks and gears work and I bought a kick stand for it anyways, even though apparently the bike shop thought that was a dumb idea for a mountain bike. Right now, its about -54 C with the wind chill, and it woud be too cold to even think about going for a bike ride. Additionally, several months worth of snow don't leave the best riding conditions. But one day, it will be summer, and I will be able to play outside without a belaclava and my hood up. I'll be able to wear sandals instead of insulated rubber boots and plant impatients in my mothers garden. I'll be able to take pictures of flowers in alpine meadows and splash in the puddles made of by rain. I'll play disc golf and hike in the woods (sometimes in my sandals) and watch thunder storms. I'll eat food that was cooked on a barbaque and go to a farmers market. I will hopefully go camping and maybe even backpacking. I'll have to wear shorts and t-shirts and sunscreen and I'll complain about how hot and humid it is. I'll somehow track down a copy of the Command Sisters CD.

I love winter and I love the different sounds snow makes depending on how cold it is. I love the peacefulness of a winter night on the tundra and the friendliness of people in a smal town. I love my parka, but looking at the weather today, I don't want to get bundled up and go outside... I would rather dream of summer in our cozy little apartment and look wistfully at the picture of my bike and look forward to riding it again.

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