Friday, July 20, 2012

Molly Discovers the Stratching Post

This is an awesome scratching post - the feathers are a total cat attractor.  This is Molly half way out, she escaped earlier when I tried to get a picture of her sitting on top of it.  Today, Molly played and played and played with a little green spring until she lost it and its cousins under various pieces of furniture and appliences.

Day 2 of the introduction and the cats seems to be tolerating each other with minimal hissing and spitting.  Zoe is chilled out on my desk chair and Molly is napping on a kitchen chair.  Who knew that getting cats would mean that we need more chairs.  It was cute.  Molly mimicked whatever Zoe was doing from a good distance - they played at the same time, groomed at the same time and are now napping.  Molly has been enjoying having the length of the appartment to run, run, run and run some more.  When she can't find a toy to chase, she's chased her own tail.  She went winging into the water dish earlier and then got back up and went on playing.  Zoe has been relatively quiet, but seems more herself.  She curled up behind me on the chair earlier.  I think we are getting closer to friends... but we have a ways to go.

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