Friday, July 13, 2012

Raining Down

A busy summer indeed so far.  There have only been a handful of days that we've taken the time to just veg.  Pictured above is the scene this morning as part of the sky opened up and thoroughly doused us with rain as the sun was rising between Grotto Mountain and Lady MacDonald.

Other than this morning the weather has been quite hot and dry.  It was a relief to have the cool air come in with the rain.  I've been swimming nearly every morning and I'm pretty much crutchfree.  I'm just starting to switch from the "boot" to a "post-op" sandal.  I'm hoping to try out my bike next week and see how that goes.  This morning we did a partial round of disc golf.  Scott bought me my own discs (in pink and turquoise).  So, slowly, but surely, I'm getting back to normal.  

The weather now is somewhat sunny and somewhat threatening to rain, but I think we are planning to take it easy for a while.  
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