Saturday, July 07, 2012

Zoe settles in

Zoe is really starting to come out of her shell.  I haven't seen her under the bed in a while.  Right now she is standing beside me watching me blog, or she was before she went off to explore.  There was a bit of a wild thing rumpus around 1 am where she insisted it was time to chase her own tail for a bit, but about 5 am she came and snuggle up behind my knees until it was time to get up.  She loves watching out the windows and finds birds fascinating.  She has the most expressive way of flicking her tail and she is interested in everything.  

We were supposed to pick up our second cat yesterday at noon, but we arrived to find out that some how the poor wee thing had broken four of her toes and so we are not sure what we are going to do now.  She had a very similar personality to Zoe - she was always friendly and greeted us when we came to visit and she was also still quite playful.  She just barely edged out a second cat for Calgary.  So we are going to wait and see what her prognosis is.  She will get better and I'm certain that even if we can't adopt her, someone will because she is just that awesome.  She pretty much told me that she was going home with us from the get go.  But if her need for vet check ups extends into late August or September, we just won't be able to do right by her.  So, I'm very sad and wishing her a speedy recovery.  Otherwise, we could wait until Christmas if she is still there.  But we think Zoe might really enjoy the company of another cat.  There is also a kitten that totally stole my heart, but he's part of a bonded pair and I can't bring myself to split them up and obviously - we aren't giving up Zoe.  We are pretty gosh darn taken with her - we are lucky to have her and I promise lots more Zoe pictures to come.
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