Saturday, June 23, 2012

Favourite Carving and other distractions

Taken with my new camera, here is a shot of my favourite carving (purchased in Iqaluit).  I love the way that the artist captures the shape and movement of the parka and the details in the pants.  I love the job the camera did of captureing the colour in the stone too.  Yeah little camera.

I'm almost finished my course which means I can really start my vacation hopefully sometime tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a nice visit tonight (I'm close enough I think I can spend time with my folks, grandfolks, 2/3 of my siblings and 50% of my nieces and nephews.  

The NHL draft kind of surprised me and it looks like so far Toronto has no pieces that make an immediate impact on next year.  I'm hoping that things work out... I'd really like to cheer for the Leafs in next years playoffs.  There is another little draft that I'm keeping my eye on, waiting to see what pieces will still be left in a week.

Better get back to work.... so I can be closer to free!
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