Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello Again

Its been a while since I've written and while some of it is that school is normally busy at the end of the year, this time I have to add a few extra twists.  The major one being breaking my foot while playing floor hockey.  It was just bad luck, the way I stepped, my foot got caught and I rolled right over my toes.  It was a bit of an adventure and involved some trips to Winnipeg.  I'm almost mended.  In the mean time, I've gotten very good at navigating the world on crutches and am secretly hoping that I get the green light to ditch them next week - not sure what'll happen.  I'll keep you posted.  The other twist is that I enrolled in an AQ course which had a tonne of homework which has left me tied up doing my own homework when I'm not marking or creating homework for my students.  But, mostly with a broken foot I wasn't going outside so much and I wasn't dragging my very heavy camera with me.  So, I decided that one thing I should do this summer is get a smaller little camera that may not take such great pictures, but should be light enough for me to carry and not tired me out on my own.

I can't believe its been a week since the end of school.  I've been crazy busy doing course work and I haven't even got to visit with my brother and his kids.  I'm almost done.  I think I can promise that once I am, there will be lots of posts in the next while.  In the mean time I have a few assignments left to do and I should get on it so I can move on to family time for the next week.
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