Friday, March 16, 2012

The Trek Accross the Frozen Barrens to get Water for Coffee

Yeah... Snow is really that high

Crawling through hip high loose snow - glasses completely fogged at this point

Crawling up and out of the well - not exactly dignified, but effective

Everyone needs a picture where the drifts as tall as them nearly

Me and the drift

We both know that tomorrow is going to be bad enough without showers, but without coffee is a non-starter.  I'm just hoping that I can get a shower before leaving for the Science Fair and camping out in a School for the weekend.  We ran out of water around lunch time, totally catching this girl guide off gaurd.  Normally I will put a large jug of water in the fridge at the beginning of a blizzard, but we got water yesterday morning and a sewage pump out, so I was actually surprised to run out that early and that quickly.

So, now that the visibility is much better we decided to check out the world post blizzard and get enough water to make coffee in the morning and brush our teeth from the school (and more importantly stock the fridge for breakfast program since I'm on duty tomorrow morning).  I think as an adult, you know that you are doing okay, if you still love playing in the snow.  There was a lot of falling, crawling, and giggling - but we made it there and back with a couple of nalgene bottles of water and now I'm just doing a few last things before heading to bed.
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