Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Photos from the Ides of March Blizzard -

Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School < 100 m away

Old Buildings beside the 12-plex - 20 m away

Back stairs of the 12-plex

Old Sanavik Co-Op Building - 44 m

So, I'm getting pretty impressed.  I'm not sure if this is the worst visibility that I've seen in 4 years, but its pretty intense.  Piqhiqtuq or Piqsiqtuq means "there is a blizzard".  I think that applies today.

A few more terms from the Inuktitut Living Dictionary

Strong Wind - Nakkialivuq
It makes a great sound of strong wind - Sulutsugittuq
Wind - Anuri
Snow Storm - Apusimatiqtuq
Snow makes a squeaky or Crunching sound underfoot - Atairranaqtuq
Snow Drifts - qimutjuk
Drifting Snow - Natiruvaaq
Snow, Blowing - Piqsiqtuq (same as blizzard)
Falling Snow - kangniq
Something that the wind removes the snow from - Salittutuq
Do gymnastics in a snow house - Ujautaqpuq
Fine powder snow blowing along the ground - Natiruvaatuq
Abandoned Snow House - Illuvikkaku

According to Environment Canada we got 2.2 cm of snow on Tuesday, 6.8 cm of snow on Wednesday. Winds at 9 am - 78 km/h gusting to 91 km/h. Visibility = 0 m
Winds at 10 am - 71 km/h, Visibility = 0 m
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