Thursday, March 15, 2012

6:24 pm - Sustained Winds @ 91 km/h - and we are out of water!

There will be no easy way out the front door

This is the stairs up to the front door, fortunately the back door stairs are clear.

This is a view of Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School - still not visible

This building is nearly buried by a drift - litterly next door to our building

Heavy Machinery in the Mist - this is just the forestry student in me leaking out - not as cool as a feller-buncher or a harvester

The Old Sanavik Co-Op - I think I can make out windows and a faded bright ball in the sky looks like a sun, maybe....

Pale dot might be the sun - view west from the back door...

Now that you are totally sick of seeing pictures of nothing - I probably won't take to many more.  Sadly, we ran out of water.  So... once again... remembering how much we take running water for granted.
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