Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blizzard Bound

I worked until about suppertime before caving in to taking a break.  We've been watching episodes from the first season of the X-files and I can honestly say that I've never seen them before and that I'm enjoying both the amusing fashion of the early 90's and the product for its own merit.  I have to thank Shane and Erica for selling them to me 3 years ago - and finally, so much blizzard I've had time to watch a few episodes.  

As for this picture, taken at 11 pm - you can just make out the bright lights of the school and the nearby lamp post as well as a few hills of snow left by the ploughs.  It is not quite as bad as it seemed on Thursday, however, its always easier at night when you can see the lights in the distance.

Here is the quote from the weather warning:
"This is a very dangerous blizzard and travel and outdoor activities will be virtually impossible during the storm. With the amount of snow and the intense winds severe drifting is expected with large snow drifts." Environment Canada

It sounds like snow was at the high end.  The just updated blizzard statement does not say much about Baker Lake save that it is likely to be still going in the morning, but then improve.  Since its not behaving exactly as specified, its hard to say to the minute what will happen - probably a function of butterfly wings flapping in some country far away.

Good night.... don't think there is much more to see.  The wind is howling and the snow is flying and the house behind just a shadow - I miss just a little the sense of being rocked to sleep by the blizzard when I lived upstairs in the blue house.

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