Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who's that kitty in the window?

Zoe is checking out the action in front of the building.  She sees Hondas and Trucks driving up and down the road which now have...... [DRUM ROLL PLEASE]..... STREET SIGNS!!!!

I live on 4th Street near the intersection with 4th Avenue!!!   What will happen next?  On the down side, the stop sign at the bottom of the hill seems to be missing along with the street signs that go with it.

The ledges on the windows are just wide enough for a kitty to perch.  They both love them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What breed is your cat? I came upon this picture on google and was shocked cause she looks exactly like my cat Lilly that my family and I rescued. We are not sure of her breed and she looks almost identical to your cat.

10:35 PM  

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