Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitty Sleeping Preferences Differ Between Cats

Zoe likes to sleep on soft comfortable surfaces - especially fleece.  She also preferes elevated locations that give her good sight lines of the surrounding area and plenty of sunshine is a bonus.  She espouses what one might describe as fairly typical cat sleeping preferences.

Molly, on the other hand, prefers to sleep in locations that are littered with hard, uncomfortable objects, preferably ones that the nearby humans are atempting to use.  In this picture she is on top of a physics text book, and a pile of papers, a few pens and who knows what else.  Yesterday, she fell asleep with the phone handset underneath her.  She does not appear to like sleeping in a patch of sunshine and is just as happy sprawled out on any solid surface - floor, box-top, inside of box, table, window ledge etc.  She does like high locations and also secret locations like deep in the closet and her current napping spot is curled up on a kitchen chair under the table.  You'll note that her legs are usually sprawled out unless the appartment is really cold.

And that is today's cat report.
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Blogger Unknown said...

Bucking convention and conformity, Molly's a kind of a james dean type of cat....A cat rebel without a claws...hyuk hyuk!


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