Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Covered Malamute

Our Malamute is just loving the snow.  Being a silly human, I worried she might be getting cold sitting out in the snow - so after I took the picture, I made her come inside so I could dry her off - which resulted in the mopping of the kitchen floor after she shook most of the snow off everywhere.  I'm sure she'll want out again soon, since she is more excited about the first snow than most of the humans for sure.

Its a beautiful night out.  There is something about falling snow that is still magical to me.  The world somehow is prettier covered in a thick blanket of flakes of water - magical the way the soft light from the street lamps casts soft silhouettes of winter-bare branches upon the snow.    I wish my camera wasn't charging or I'd show you what I mean.  The dog enjoyed eating the snow and came in covered in it.  After a quick drink of water, she really wanted to go back out, but we had to tell her it was bed time and it totaly is for me.  I'd better curl up and go to sleep before I fall asleep sitting here typing.  
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