Sunday, December 02, 2012

Double Decker Cat Perch

We brought out the rocking chair (briefly) for a small gathering and the cats are thrilled (they are also the reason that we've stowed it away in the office.)  I'm pretty sure they spent the whole night sleeping here - which meant my feet were cold but I was able to toss and turn as much as I liked without injuring a kitten.  The cats were very good for our guests - although a bit too helpful during clean up and food prep phases - earning Molly a brief stay in the bedroom so we could get done.

Its wonderfully peaceful here this morning and the reorganizing S. did yesterday makes our main area look much bigger.  The cat's approve of most of it, but they regret that there is no longer an easy way to get up to the top of the barge order boxes in the hall.  Zoe looked miffed when her attempt to jump the distance didn't work out.  I think they'll forgive us as long as we leave the rocker out, but it probably isn't a great idea since they like to launch off of it.
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