Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showing Off her Stripes

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't posted any good cat pictures lately and having now recharged my camera that actually takes good pet pictures... I took some new ones.

Here Molly(cule) is showing off her pretty coat with all of its nice stripes.  She may look like a sweet little lady, but now that the camera is put away she is participating in WWF wresting with Zoe.  Zoe is still mostly winning their wrestling matches.  Molly will likely still fill out a bit and we think she still has a way to grow into her paws and tail.  Zoe has about 2 lbs on her for now.

Molly has gotten very good at telling us what she wants.  Usually access to her food, which we have to keep in the cupboard because otherwise a certain other cat would make it disappear - not that Molly is entirely innocent - she was caught in an attempted treat snatching this morning.  I tried to explain to her she could have treats too - if only she's let me trim back the daggers on all 4 of her feet.  My hands look as though I've been measuring the DBH of white spruce trees again.  (For the record, white spruce is a vicious tree if there ever was one - I have scars to prove it).  Though, she is not above meowing and then going over to her favourite toy - saying "I want to play now" in no uncertain terms.  
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