Saturday, October 27, 2012

Molly - Queen of the Barge Order Boxes

Our kitten has the knack for being ridiculously adorable which has gotten her forgiven frequently for misdemeanours ranging from foot attacks to counter invading.  She is still smaller than Zoe, but we aren't sure she has grown into her tail or legs yet.  She should be about 6 months old now.  Zoe has gotten better about waking us up early in the morning - she figures now that we only need to be harassed for about 15 minutes before 7 am.

I've been remiss about writing - which is normal for this time of the year - especially since I haven't downloaded the pictures off my camera in a while or even recharged my little one.  I guess we have a lot on the go.  I've found my own blog reading has really gone down.  I think I can proudly say that I've reduced my online time a lot this year, still I'm sure I could use my time better.

I can't believe that its nearly Halloween already.  This year has gone super fast so far.  I'll have to get some snowy Baker pictures to share soon.  The lake froze (we think permanently) on Oct. 25th, 2012 and the normals are well below 0 C.  Today is our first day of really cold, really windy weather.  The visibility is okay because we don't have that much snow, but its cold and windy for sure.

People are wishing for more snow so that they can use their skidoos (or machines in local vernacular).  I like snow too, although I'm unlikely to go skidooing this year.

On that note.. I have some cupcakes that need to be iced for a fundraiser and some cookies that need to be baked.. so ta for now and hopefully I'll find a few more odd moments and photos to share with you more often.
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