Sunday, September 30, 2012

Failure to Launch - Moon stuck sitting on the Ground

The moon appears to be resting on the ground just beyond the sewage lagoon.  It was the start of a great little evening walk for pictures.  Yesteraday I think the temperature beat 14 C - which is like late summer here and the sunset was incredible - see pictures above.  Today it seems overcast, but I guess we'll see what happens, as its supposed to be sunny and 8 C.  After the weekend the temperatures are supposed to go back to seasonal (read hovering around and slightly below 0 C) with snow predicted for the end of the week.  Winter is coming.

Its been a busy couple of weeks with Science Camp, work, barge order and everything else.  Things are approaching normal here which is good.  Molly is curled up on my laptop case purring away and looking quite content.  Zoe who was perched on her favourite chair has wandered over hear too and is sitting on one of the chairs under the table.
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