Saturday, September 22, 2012

One last flower

Fall is well upon us in the north with a fairly impressive bit of snow the other morning.  Still I managed to find this one flower straggling to bloom last Monday.  The land has gone from red to brown and the temperatures are starting to get cold.  It'll rain probably a fair bit for the next month.

I was reminded that this time last year I was heading to Kugluktuq for my journey aboard the Amundsen with Schools on Board.  I remember the first night aboard there were crazy snowflakes swirling in the ships lights and that the rocking of the boat put me right to sleep.  I hope all of the folks I met there are having good years and still doing interesting things.

Me, I'm tackling a long to do list this weekend, hoping to get kind of caught up on all sorts of things.

In the news, and I mean that literally - Molly ended up in the Kivalliq news when I accidentally sent her picture to the editor with some of the Grad Pictures.  My photos have made the local news a couple weeks in a row now.

Otherwise, the cats are doing well.  I had to kick them out of the office because Molly was having an epic battle with the laundry on the drying rack and I didn't think the end was going to be good for her or the sweaters.  Molly continues to grow and Zoe continues to settle in.  Molly is, of course, going through her teenage rebellious stage where she needs to be on the kitchen counters and table.  Our big fear is that she is going to try to play on the stove while it is hot, so we are trying to deter her with water, which works temporarily, but her memory is short.  :D  We keep a good eye her when its hot and try to keep hot burners covered with the kettle.

I think I'd better go make some breakfast and maybe some pumpkin chip muffins (which I've been thinkin of making for at least a week now)  Enjoy the beauty of turning maples for those of you in the south..... we'll be starting our snow season early maybe this winter here.
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