Sunday, September 02, 2012

Undercover Kitten

Molly is in hiding.... does she suspect me of wanting to clip her claws or is Zoe lurking in the background waiting to pounce (the actual case).  Zoe has been pretty angelic lately, while Molly, being a teenage kitten, has been prone to mischief.  She has taken to launching off the floor, onto your back, off the wall and around again.  We've been working on wearing her out with the laser pointer.  I think she is about to grow as she has gained a sudden intense interest in food, where before we practically had to pick her up and put her nose in her food (unless it was wet food - she sure likes that) to get her to remember to settle and eat.  Now she has been meowing to take a second run at what she didn't finish at earlier times.  I think when she is done growing, she'll be a sizable lass.  She's all  gangly paws and long tail for now though.  She has also taken to exploring the counter with the dishes - in spite of discouragement from a spray bottle.  She is currently sprawled out on top of a very patient Zoe.  I might just go sneak up on her and see if I can get that left claw clipped.  I'm sporting lots of scratches currently - so I have lots of motivation to get this accomplished.


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